Education USA College Fair

On the 15th March, all of the Liger Leadership Academy students were participated in an event called Education USA College Fair. The intention for this events was for the students to find which college are they interested in based on the location, weather and some courses that are available in the university. There were 24 universities from America promoting their college. I have talked with most of the universities asking them about scholarship, the tuition fee, the requirement to apply for the university and many more questions. As I was having a conversation with each person that represent their university or college, I also tried to promote myself explaining them on what I have done such as writing an economic book, involve in Makerthon, taking SAT practice and some more work that I have accomplished. As I was talking, I noticed a university named Temple university, that I was really interested in, since they have the courses I like. It was an amazing opportunity to look for my interesting university and I hope I will become a student of one of those great universities in America.


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