PHARE, Production of Music Video

I have never believed that I am actually a part of the great music video. This was an amazing opportunity to be a part of and gain new experience. At first, I felt like I could not make any contribution to this film production because I found out that I don’t have any abilities in this field, which I was  wrong. On the first of the work day, I was anxious of what I can do, but after having a conversation about my personality and what I’m interested to Ryan, the director, he has encouraged me to be a part of the music production. I was not sure what can I do because I only know play music from the actual instrument, but I only have a very little experience with the electronic music. Robin, my working facilitator, who is very skillful in this, has taught me the basic information which allowed me to understand how to use the program. This isn’t just the work for two people, but it was also involving with the musical students at PHARE, which is the school. We have recorded some beats from some of the traditional instruments and put in the computer to adjust and modify to make a music pattern so it would fit well for the film. At the end of the week, we had a final piece of what we want. All of the work such as film, music were finished in two weeks. Even though I wasn’t working for two weeks, I still found myself to to be a part of this wonderful music video. Finally, as the real music video come out, I found out that the film is very amazing. I was very glad to be involve in this marvelous production  and hopefully, I can involve more of those opportunity.


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