Bamboo Bike, Inspirational Talk

In the seventh year of Liger, I and some of the Liger’s students, participated in an inspirational talk with Tony, who has traveled all the way from France to Cambodia with his bamboo bike that he created. This is my first time to see a bike made from bamboo, which really surprised me on the works that he has done. During his journey, Tony has interacted with a lot of people and also faced some challenges, but one important thing is that he does not give up on what he was doing, instead, he was heading to the final of the journey. Throughout the whole talk, one of the quoted that really caught my attention is, “You don’t need money to travel, you just need a big smile.” I started to realize that he made a lot of friends from traveling this journey because of being friendly because people are willingly to offer you something. Overall, I do think that the talk was very inspirational, which can motivate so many people.

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