Battambang Filming Internship

As the start of the seventh year, I found out I was pulled by Ryan ‒the director of Human Agency‒ to be a part of making a film. This was a four-month project long, which required the students stay and worked at Battambang. The first two months of the project was getting us to expose to creative, imaginative idea by watching different types of feature films and listen to variety of musics. During this two month, I also gained more knowledge on technical skills, such as setting up equipment for podcast, using Ableton (program to produce music). On the third month, everyone of us started to write the scenes out, which involved with our creativity by trying to picture very detailedly.

Last but not least, it was the last month where we started shooting. Everyone of us has their own job: mine was a producer and actor, but I also involved in directing on a couple scenes. I was really excited when I found myself to be an actor, who played the role of the main character’s best friend. Doing my job, I got to travel to different places in Battambang, and a few places in both Pailin and Siem Reap.

This internship was one of the greatest adventure that I have experienced because I got to exposed with new environment, areas, and people. I wish that this movie will be successful and popular since it introduced a lot of new creativity using Cambodian culture.

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