Change Cambodia

In the world, there isn’t anything 100% perfect. So that’s mean that there are always things that need to change. For this year, as I observe one main problem is environmental problem that come from the action of people, such as pollution, trash problems and etc. Also there are more problems such as violence in the family, a lot of smoking and etc.


This year I have some conversations with some people such as my family, my friends and some other adults about the problems above. I did not just tell them the problems, but I talk deeply about the problems that will be not good for the society. In that talking I shared about my solution to each of the problem and also the people that I’ve talked to have share their solution.


This year I joined a robotics class and beside learning how to build and program the robot because the competition divided into two section, one is robot game and another one is project.

And the project for this year is called trash trek which is one of an environmental problems. My team chose one type of waste which is plastic to be the main topic to present to the judge. In the class I did a lot of research about plastic problem. On the sharation day I and my other teammates present to the people both about the robot and the project which is about waste problem, including the solution. I do not share what I’ve learned in the school, but I also talk to other people in my community like my friends and old people that I did know. The discussing went very well because everyone started sharing their idea and raise more problems to solve.


So, we need small steps to achieve the goal. My goal is for people to use more cloth bags and reduce as much plastic bags as we can. I did not do a lot of things or a lot of small steps, I just prepare a google presentation to people and present to them and if they have any questions, they can ask or some other hard questions that is very difficult for me to understand, we discuss together to find the answer. Also another small step is to understand about the plastic and know what to talk so when we talk to people it isn’t like interviewing them, it is like a discussion.


At last I did create some changes, but it isn’t 100% perfect that people do not use plastic bags but they reduce their amount of plastic bags as they use normal. A lot of kids change their behavior of using plastic bag to just not use it if they don’t need to. At last I’m really happy to see people change their behavior, but at the future I want more people to change more to make our world safety.