VIP Description

Name of Course: VIP (Visitor Information Palace)


Learning Facilitator: Jan


Number of Students: 13 students


This exploration is called VIP which stand for Visitor Information Palace. During this exploration we were turning the shipping container into the information palace. To get this done we divided into four groups and I was working in a group that design the VIP and the outside part. Some of my teammates and I are helping to clean the container to turn it into a nice place. I also learn how to use blender because we use this skill to design the plan for Liger campus. I also create a Liger Learning model. Creating Liger Learning Model was very hard and spend a lot of time because the Liger Learning Model needed to be in Khmer and English. It was very complex to get things done, but it was also very fun to collaborate and create a very nice place for people to get some information about Liger.


DSC05500 IMG_20150911_132154 IMG_20150911_152915 IMG_20150911_153853

Entrepreneurship Description

Name of Course: Entrepreneurship

Members: 14

Facilitator: Jeff

This is the round four entrepreneurship exploration. In this exploration students divided into four different jobs and they are product development team, financial and pitch team, outreach team and advertising team. I was the members of the advertising team. In this advertising team, I and my other two members was working on our facebook page call Cambodian Dynamite. Basically, we want more people to know about our business so we tried to keep updating the page as much as possible. Beside working in the group I also learn a lot of vocab that we use a lot in the class. One special thing that I enjoy to learn from my facilitator is 12 steps to start business. Another special part of this class is to play a game to learn about investing money. This game was requiring everyone to choose one or more companies to invest and we have $10000 for the start. Some students lost some of their money and some students gain more money. My highlight in this project is to work on the facebook page. In the facebook page, we put some videos, photos and some of the writing. Entrepreneurship is a hard lesson for me, but I still enjoy learning it.

My reading book

This is the book that I read for this school year with the other two students


Trip to Kep

On 31th March, The whole Liger’s family went to Kep. Kep is one of the province that have the border to the sea and it is one of the beautiful provinces in Cambodia where a lot of tourists come to visit. Liger use three vehicles which are one small bus, one big bus and a van. It took us about 4 hours and 30 minutes to arrive to Kep. On the way to Kep most of staff were sleeping a couple of our students listen to music. I saw a lot of good view of nature and the view of the sea which make me feel really relax. When everyone arrive the place that we were going to stay we prepare the place to sleep. I stayed with the members of my house. Everyone took a shower and I and a couple of other student with one staff were preparing the place for the other staff to stay because our staff were working really hard. On the morning after had breakfast all of the student joined four different types of activities which require student to make four group. Each activity has one oversea teacher which has one member to look after each activity and it was fun. Also all the students get to hike in the group which have one adult and my group have Mr. Jeff as the adult to look after. Another special thing during the hike was there was a mission. The mission is there five different box with four bundles of money each box. If one team can find the box they get to take a bundle of the money and continue till the end. It was really fun because we get to play a game during our hiking.


The next day we went to Rabbit Island. We took the boat to the island and when I first I arrive there I swam with my friends. Everyone spent the whole day swimming and it was really fun. At night we played and danced and after that we went to bed to prepare to come back to Liger.


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Games Around the World Description

Name of Course: Games Around the World


Learning Facilitator: Caroline


Number of Students: 6 students


Our exploration is called Games Around the World, basically games around the world doesn’t mean to the online games or any sport games but it is refer to the informal or playground games. Our members decide to make a survey to ask students and the staff in Liger about the games, how to play and materials we need for the game. Almost everyone submitted the form and we get a lot games from the student and the staff in Liger. Also we sent the survey to the people at another country who we know. Some of them response our mail and some are not. Not just that we also tried to research more game on internet, especially how to play. After getting so many games we create a blog to put the game in and also we attach the google form if anybody would like to put more games.


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FLL Robotics Description

Name of Course: FLL robotic


Learning Facilitator: Karen


Number of Students: 5 students


Our exploration is FLL robotics. Our team name LLC Cambot (Liger Learning Center Cambodia Robot). There are five of students in the exploration and four mentors. Our mentors taught us how to program and build the robot the compete the robot challenge game in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Also our group are working on the project which is about waste. Our team choose plastic bag to be our topic for the waste because in Cambodia there are many people consume plastic bag everyday. We also made a book to teach the kid how to reduce plastic bag. We all went to Singapore to do the robot competition and presented to the judge about our project.


IMG_6106 IMG_6112 IMG_20160305_082201



Independent Discovery

At Liger Learning Center the curriculum is different from the other schools. There is one class call Expertise and there is one subject called Independent Discovery Project. Independent Discovery Project is a type of learning which students choose their own project and learn by themselves. For my first Independent Discovery Project, my topic is about recycle material. I did research to the waste to see how bad they are so I can educate people. I started to make the lesson plan and think about the goal. But the time ran out so I can’t finish my first Independent discovery project.

My second Independent discovery project is about Sport. I did research and write the definition about sport. At first I put all the information that I have found in Google Document. After that I started to make a Google Presentation to put the information that I have found. Google Presentation may look nicer than Google Document to put the information. In Google Presentation I only choose ten sports which are famous in the world. I add photos about the best player and the founder of the sport on each sport and put the information about history.





Events at Ministry of Education Youth and Sport

On September 18, 2015 the Cambodian Economy group went to meet with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, His excellency Hang Chuon Naron to tell him about the first Cambodian Economy book that written by kids and for kids. We wrote this book to educate the students in Cambodia and other people around the world. The process of meeting was very well and our school had given him a Liger Learning Center’s cap and one Cambodian Economy book with the sign of the authors of the book. Every student gave a talk on the sector that they wrote. He also signed the book for every students, and the other six more books for our school. After that We took some pictures with him. This is my very remarkable to get the chance to talk and take the pictures and especially get the book with his signature on it. Our group will put 1000 copies of book to the secondary school in Cambodia.

It’s my pleasure to be part of this book. I will work harder and harder to help to change Cambodia in the future.

Minister-with-Theara-Somphors-edited IMG_6343 IMG_6345 IMG_6367 IMG_6383 Minister-with-Dom

I go to an unusual school

I go to an unusual school. The school is called The Liger Learning Center LLC. It is located in a suburb of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. This school is very different to the schools that I’ve learned at before. Some of the physical difference are like the environment, buildings, swimming pool and other places. Liger has a lot of trees and other plants that made it look very natural. Liger had selected 50 students out of  over ten thousands of students from many provinces in Cambodia. The students need to pass several tests that Liger gives them. There are local teachers and overseas teachers. In Liger, we learn two languages and they are Khmer and English. Right now the students are learning one subject that’s different from the government school and it is called Exploration. Exploration is the class that have about 10 people that are working on a project. We study exploration by going outside of the campus to learn more. it is having an overnight trips to other provinces to explore the real world. It is my pleasure to become a student in Liger. I will try my best and study hard at this unusual and amazing school.

Entrepreneurship Description

Exploration: Entrepreneurship
Date: August 13 – October 3, 2014


Learning Facilitator: Kichong
Number of students: 12

Our exploration is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about business, which is about selling and marketing and other stuff. Basically our exploration is about inventing the product from 3D printer and how to start the business. 3D printer is a type of machine that printed the object. There are many types of 3D printers, like metal 3D printer, plastic 3D printer, food 3D printer, etc. For our class we use plastic 3D printer. The first step that we need to work on is thinking and deciding the product that you want to print out and sell. We need to make the prototypes and show people, also find out the design that we are going to print out. Then we need to ask people for feedback or some changes that people give. The program that we use to print out is 123D design to design the product and print it out. Finally we take that product that we print out and go to sell at different places.

The main thing of entrepreneurship exploration that I learned about is collaborating with team. I know it’s tough to collaborate in team because sometimes our teammates aren’t agree your idea and a few of time we have a small argument.