I go to an unusual school

I go to an unusual school. The school is called The Liger Learning Center LLC. It is located in a suburb of Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. This school is very different to the schools that I’ve learned at before. Some of the physical difference are like the environment, buildings, swimming pool and other places. Liger has a lot of trees and other plants that made it look very natural. Liger had selected 50 students out of  over ten thousands of students from many provinces in Cambodia. The students need to pass several tests that Liger gives them. There are local teachers and overseas teachers. In Liger, we learn two languages and they are Khmer and English. Right now the students are learning one subject that’s different from the government school and it is called Exploration. Exploration is the class that have about 10 people that are working on a project. We study exploration by going outside of the campus to learn more. it is having an overnight trips to other provinces to explore the real world. It is my pleasure to become a student in Liger. I will try my best and study hard at this unusual and amazing school.