Outpost Workshop

On the 27th of October, 2017, I participated in an event called Outpost Workshop as a part of my expertise class where we learned how to use the program called Unity, which is a program which used to develop game. It was my pleasure for this new opportunity to learn how to use this high-tech program which bring me to another level of creativity.

Investigation: Does different type fertilizer make a different in Chinese Convolvulus nutrients?

For the first seven week of the sixth year of Liger, I did an investigation about does different type of fertilizer affect the nutrients in the morning glory. The first two weeks, I planted the Chinese Convolvulus by dividing the bed into two parts, which are for chemical fertilizer and compost because I can see the difference between the nutrients in the Chinese Convolvulus. The instruction for using the chemical fertilizer is mixing the fertilizer with 1.5 gallon of water and then stir the mixture together before spraying on the plant. The last week of my investigation, I did the experiment based on the four main nutrients, which are protein, lipid, starch and sugar. After growing the Chinese Convolvulus, I did an experiment and it came out that both chemical the sample Chinese Convolvulus contain lipid and sugar which is the same as the sample Chinese Convolvulus. According to this experiment, different type of chemical doesn’t change the main nutrients in the Chinese Convolvulus, but it might change something else.