Gender Summit

During the 27th and the 28th of January, one of my exploration has created an event called gender summit. The event happened for two days, one was for English and another is for Khmer. There are many students from lots of school that participate in this event. The event was divided into four different sections which were Culture, Power, Economic and Language. My role of the event was the leader of the culture section. At first I’m afraid I’ll make people feel boring, but the moment was unexpected and I can actually made people felt engage for my section. I was really happy on both day because everyone was really engaged with the event and learn a lot from us. At the final of Sunday, which was for the Khmer students, I and my friend wrote a rap song talking about gender and perform on the last day. Everyone seem to enjoy all the performance and observe a significant knowledge from our group




To spray or not to spray

At the start of the sixth year at Liger, I involved in an exploration called to spray or not to spray. I think it was an exploration that allow me to learn something new in depth about biology and as well as doing something that can help with Liger using pesticide. We went to multiple of trips such as Snuol, two branches of CEDAC which are Phnom Penh and Prey Veng, EnviroCam, few markets and interviewed farmers around Liger. I experienced that there are a lot of agrochemical shops selling synthetic pesticides, but in fact there were some requirements from farmers of organic pesticides. In additional, this exploration had also written a digital magazine which mainly is for Liger’s students about pesticide that are being sprayed in the campus.




Waste Management Business description

In Cambodia, there are a lot of waste, such as food, plastic, organic and etc, that are being thrown away. This is a really big problem in Cambodia. I was in this exploration that try to reduce the waste in the community. Beside reducing waste, we’re trying to make a business, that we’re going to provide a service to people. This exploration improve my thinking to be very strong and be creative. I did a lot of thinking with my teammates to write the feasibility study, to see if we can run this business. Basically I did many small trips to interviewed and observed the community. We saw many waste, that had been thrown away in public. I came back and start thinking of what we should do to find a way to reduce waste and to earn some money. Basically I have done two type of writing, one is the risks and challenges and another one is economic feasibility. My challenge in this exploration is to write about the economic feasibility because I need to estimate about the amount of houses, restaurants and shops in the market. To finish the economics feasibility, it took me a very long time and working with my facilitator to make sure that the result is what we want Even though there are challenges, I still enjoy with working on this stuff, because I love studying about business.


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Iron Deficiency Description

This is the first exploration of 5th year of Liger. I’m participating in an exploration call Iron Deficiency. Many people in Cambodia are having a health issue and it is anemia. We learn about three types of thing that cause people to have anemia, but the main type of anemia that we study is iron deficiency anemia. One excited thing was to work with a company called Lucky Iron Fish. The company’s goal is to reduce amount of people who have anemia that cause by iron deficiency. Our goal is also to reduce people who have anemia in Cambodia, and that’s why we work together very well. Our group planned to go to Siem Reap at the rural area to give a workshop about anemia and distribute the Lucky Iron Fish from the company. During my time at Siem Reap, everyone did a great job to give a beautiful workshop. We did the same workshop at three different places for four times. It was very challenged, but everyone seem to enjoy what they do. Beside giving the workshop, I also went to visit some places and I was really delight seeing all those beautiful stuff. After the trip everyone got to study and do a research about the disease that they want to study. I was studying about diabetes and I know the science about how people can get diabetes. It is very fun to learn about this exploration because I can create change for Cambodia.



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