Football competition with EYC

During the weekend of September, Liger had a football competition with EYC. The game were for the junior boy, senior girl and senior boy. Before the match, I was pretty anxious because I’m afraid if I can’t perform well. The game has started, I looked at the other team player with an apprehensive face on my face. We did pretty good for about 10 minutes because we have a lot more ball possession than the other team and we got many shooting attempt. I scored the second goal but then the referee gave a sign that it wasn’t goal. I was really despondent about this, but after a few minutes, I scored a very difficult goal and I was really contented about it. Liger won the game with the final result of 13 to nothing. It was a great time because I got new experience with a new team and get to know more people.

Teaching Junior Basketball


This year I and the other three students lead an extension which is teaching the juniors, both girls and boys who want to learn basketball. The first time I participated, I found it is very hard to get them to do some basic skills in basketball, but after several of weeks they started to know those fundamental skills such as lay up, some dribbling and shooting. One great thing to be part of this extension is to get in touch more with the juniors since I don’t have much time with them.