How I Change Cambodia

I remember how it was like to study based on the government curriculum and when I continue my education in another school‒ Liger Leadership Academy‒ I found a very huge difference of the curriculum. This has made me realized the reason that my interesting rate of study in government school is lower than in Liger. I only studied of whatever was in the textbooks, and did hands-on activities once in a blue moon. I found out that students would prefer to involve with more activities while they are learning because hypothetically, it is an effective way to bring the students’ attention in schools in order to maximize their comprehension to the lessons. One quote from Nelson Mandela was, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote has strongly made me believe that there must be some modification or supplement to the government curriculum in order to increase students’ preference in school.

On the school year of 2017-2018, I got an opportunity to be a part of the exploration called Primary School Curriculum Development. This is an exploration where the school named Bambujaya, hired some students from Liger Leadership Academy to be the educational consultants; with the job of creativily formulate the add-ons‒ the supplimental activities to engage the students‒ for the school. There were three rounds of this exploration: the first round was writing the add-ons for grade one, the second round was writing the add-ons for grade two , and the third round was writing for grade three. I was selected for the third round, which was working on the add-ons for grade three.

In class, I and the other six students were divided into three different teams to create adds-on for three different Khmer textbooks: Khmer Literature, Mathematics, and Social Study+Science. My major book that I was working on was mathematics, but I was also a small part for the other two books. It was very challenging since about 98% of our time in class was to just sit and figure out an original add-ons and write those down. Sometimes I have to keep myself motivated even though it was pretty boring by convincing myself of how important my work is for Bambujaya and also for the Cambodian students.

At the end of this exploration, everyone has their own products, which were those add-ons that have been written for the school. Some of the written add-ons has been created in multiple forms throughout filiming, and animating. Because those add-ons will be learned by the teachers, we required to have the meeting once every week with the curriculum developer of the school, Virak, in order to revise each person’s add-ons before putting those into the teachers’ guidebooks.

As a part of this opportunity, I felt like this exploration has enhanced my creativity and dot connecting skill through the process of creating those add-ons. For the Liger student, with the experience of what it was like to be the government school students, it allowed us to figure out what were missing in the government schools that can be implemented in order for Bambujaya to provided a better quality education.

Being a part of this exploration, I believe that I did create a positive impact toward the government school curriculum. Even though the school has not finished the construction yet, but I still believe that all of these works that some of the Liger’s students have done, is a potential change after the school is constructed.

Finally, as a change agent, changes that we created does not matter on the size; sometimes it is a struggle for us to start the action, but we ourselves need to be more optimistic to continue generating those changes toward the community. As Napoleon Hill stated, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

PHARE, Production of Music Video

I have never believed that I am actually a part of the great music video. This was an amazing opportunity to be a part of and gain new experience. At first, I felt like I could not make any contribution to this film production because I found out that I don’t have any abilities in this field, which I was  wrong. On the first of the work day, I was anxious of what I can do, but after having a conversation about my personality and what I’m interested to Ryan, the director, he has encouraged me to be a part of the music production. I was not sure what can I do because I only know play music from the actual instrument, but I only have a very little experience with the electronic music. Robin, my working facilitator, who is very skillful in this, has taught me the basic information which allowed me to understand how to use the program. This isn’t just the work for two people, but it was also involving with the musical students at PHARE, which is the school. We have recorded some beats from some of the traditional instruments and put in the computer to adjust and modify to make a music pattern so it would fit well for the film. At the end of the week, we had a final piece of what we want. All of the work such as film, music were finished in two weeks. Even though I wasn’t working for two weeks, I still found myself to to be a part of this wonderful music video. Finally, as the real music video come out, I found out that the film is very amazing. I was very glad to be involve in this marvelous production  and hopefully, I can involve more of those opportunity.


Learning Gender at Pannasastra University of Cambodia

On the 16th January, 2018, my exploration group called that is studying about Gender Equity, went to Pannasastra University of Cambodia, with the intention of involving with the university’s students that is studying about gender. We got to listen about their perspective and learn some new ideas about gender. I remember a young lady where she won’t mind if their children want to play either boy or girl toys and let them be who they are and who they want to be. I also get to share my idea to them about gender role, and ask some discussion questions. It was such an amazing experience to participate in this section because I can absorb new information and new opinion from people



Iron Deficiency Description

This is the first exploration of 5th year of Liger. I’m participating in an exploration call Iron Deficiency. Many people in Cambodia are having a health issue and it is anemia. We learn about three types of thing that cause people to have anemia, but the main type of anemia that we study is iron deficiency anemia. One excited thing was to work with a company called Lucky Iron Fish. The company’s goal is to reduce amount of people who have anemia that cause by iron deficiency. Our goal is also to reduce people who have anemia in Cambodia, and that’s why we work together very well. Our group planned to go to Siem Reap at the rural area to give a workshop about anemia and distribute the Lucky Iron Fish from the company. During my time at Siem Reap, everyone did a great job to give a beautiful workshop. We did the same workshop at three different places for four times. It was very challenged, but everyone seem to enjoy what they do. Beside giving the workshop, I also went to visit some places and I was really delight seeing all those beautiful stuff. After the trip everyone got to study and do a research about the disease that they want to study. I was studying about diabetes and I know the science about how people can get diabetes. It is very fun to learn about this exploration because I can create change for Cambodia.



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