One Billion Rising

On the 11th of February, I got a chance to join an event called One Billion Rising. It is very similar to a workshop, but there were a lot of entertaining action, which include singing, role-playing, dancing. A lot of people were participated including foreigners. I have observed many key points of the discussion. The most enjoyable part was to dance on the stage with an immense amount of people on the song named “Break the Chain”. There was a lot of fun during the event, which is a motivation for me to study about gender.

Khmer Sight Foundation


On the 18th November, 2017, I and the other nine students were participated with Khmer Sight Foundation and went to Kampong Speu trying to find the people who have problem with their eyes. Many villagers were waiting to check with the doctors. Before the doctor arrive, I was prepared the benches for the elderly to sit and wait for the doctors to come and checked their eyes. During the waiting, I got to spend time with the villagers talking. After that I helped to register the villagers name in order for them to checked I learned how to test people’s eyes. Liger also helped to bring the patiences to the hospital in Phnom Penh. One old lady was 78 years old living in a poor condition was having a very bad eyes’ problem, but excitingly, the surgery was success making her eyes better. I also learned some basic medical information from the doctor which bring me to another new level of understanding. To volunteer for KSF, I feel very happy to be a part of this change because living with eyes problem, is one of the worst thing in the world.


Makerthon Description

On August 12th, 13th and 14th, I participated in an event called Makerthon. This is the first time that Makerthon located in Cambodia. It is my pleasure to join the event. There are many people who participate in that events, both foreigners and Cambodian. I spent three days in that event. My group have four people, two from Liger and the other two are university’s students. On the first day I listened to the MC and tried to network with new people. I also work on making small prototype from pieces of paper. The second day I and my teammates are working on making into another prototype but bigger and from cardboard and other recycling materials. The last day was very exciting, I need to write the script to the speech to the audiences, especially the judges. The time come, I felt very anxious for my turn to give a speech, but I tried to be very brave and also my teammates gave me an encouragement which made me felt very comfortable. The time come, I gave a speech about my prototype very clearly, but beside being very brave, I also feel very nervous. The judges were really serious, but in my mind I think I did well. At last we didn’t win and the winner is a professor from a university in Cambodia. Although, we didn’t win but we did well because we are just a students and they are the professor, but at last all Liger students won a prize and get a few materials. Everyone was very happy about this event, even though they didn’t win. I was also very delight to join this amazing event because it gave me a good experience from this event.






My reading book

This is the book that I read for this school year with the other two students