Learning Gender at Pannasastra University of Cambodia

On the 16th January, 2018, my exploration group called that is studying about Gender Equity, went to Pannasastra University of Cambodia, with the intention of involving with the university’s students that is studying about gender. We got to listen about their perspective and learn some new ideas about gender. I remember a young lady where she won’t mind if their children want to play either boy or girl toys and let them be who they are and who they want to be. I also get to share my idea to them about gender role, and ask some discussion questions. It was such an amazing experience to participate in this section because I can absorb new information and new opinion from people



Biking and Running at Siem Reap

On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017, I traveled to Siem Reap to joined a biking for 37 km and more excitingly, to participate in a half Marathon by running 10 km. The biking was on the 2nd of December and it was really amazing to bike through many obstacle like in the forest, on the sand, on the pebble, but unfortunately, on the last round my bike had a problem with a chain, which require me to adjust the chain back to its normal. This biking, I didn’t keep it as a competition, I just participated for fun and get ready for the running.


On the 3rd, which is on Sunday, I woke up at 3 AM to get to the main area for the Marathon. There are thousands of people that participated in the running include the 3 km, 10 km and 21 km. Before the run, I had an ultimate intention that my time for the running should be under 55 minutes. I started running at about 16 minutes later of the official time and my speed was super slow since the road is too small and I need to find the space for me to run. My first five kilometer is very slow, but my last five kilometers was pretty amazing. My running time was about 52 minutes, which I completed my goal and it was also a big improvement from two years ago.

Khmer Sight Foundation


On the 18th November, 2017, I and the other nine students were participated with Khmer Sight Foundation and went to Kampong Speu trying to find the people who have problem with their eyes. Many villagers were waiting to check with the doctors. Before the doctor arrive, I was prepared the benches for the elderly to sit and wait for the doctors to come and checked their eyes. During the waiting, I got to spend time with the villagers talking. After that I helped to register the villagers name in order for them to checked I learned how to test people’s eyes. Liger also helped to bring the patiences to the hospital in Phnom Penh. One old lady was 78 years old living in a poor condition was having a very bad eyes’ problem, but excitingly, the surgery was success making her eyes better. I also learned some basic medical information from the doctor which bring me to another new level of understanding. To volunteer for KSF, I feel very happy to be a part of this change because living with eyes problem, is one of the worst thing in the world.


Football competition with EYC

During the weekend of September, Liger had a football competition with EYC. The game were for the junior boy, senior girl and senior boy. Before the match, I was pretty anxious because I’m afraid if I can’t perform well. The game has started, I looked at the other team player with an apprehensive face on my face. We did pretty good for about 10 minutes because we have a lot more ball possession than the other team and we got many shooting attempt. I scored the second goal but then the referee gave a sign that it wasn’t goal. I was really despondent about this, but after a few minutes, I scored a very difficult goal and I was really contented about it. Liger won the game with the final result of 13 to nothing. It was a great time because I got new experience with a new team and get to know more people.

Outpost Workshop

On the 27th of October, 2017, I participated in an event called Outpost Workshop as a part of my expertise class where we learned how to use the program called Unity, which is a program which used to develop game. It was my pleasure for this new opportunity to learn how to use this high-tech program which bring me to another level of creativity.

Investigation: Does different type fertilizer make a different in Chinese Convolvulus nutrients?

For the first seven week of the sixth year of Liger, I did an investigation about does different type of fertilizer affect the nutrients in the morning glory. The first two weeks, I planted the Chinese Convolvulus by dividing the bed into two parts, which are for chemical fertilizer and compost because I can see the difference between the nutrients in the Chinese Convolvulus. The instruction for using the chemical fertilizer is mixing the fertilizer with 1.5 gallon of water and then stir the mixture together before spraying on the plant. The last week of my investigation, I did the experiment based on the four main nutrients, which are protein, lipid, starch and sugar. After growing the Chinese Convolvulus, I did an experiment and it came out that both chemical the sample Chinese Convolvulus contain lipid and sugar which is the same as the sample Chinese Convolvulus. According to this experiment, different type of chemical doesn’t change the main nutrients in the Chinese Convolvulus, but it might change something else.


Teaching Junior Basketball


This year I and the other three students lead an extension which is teaching the juniors, both girls and boys who want to learn basketball. The first time I participated, I found it is very hard to get them to do some basic skills in basketball, but after several of weeks they started to know those fundamental skills such as lay up, some dribbling and shooting. One great thing to be part of this extension is to get in touch more with the juniors since I don’t have much time with them.


Time to Seperate

During the English literacy class, every student are doing the Narrative Writing. The theme for this writing is coming of age. But before writing this narrative, I did a research about the coming of age in Malaysia which is mainly for girl to do a ceremony to indicate that they are mature. My topic is to be seperated from my dad, which was a miserable moment. My coming of age depict my life when the time between my dad had I ended. Inorder to write this narrative well, it require the effort of learning some grammar, such as how to use different kind of clauses. Also the narrative writing should encompass some sensory information.


Below is the wordle of my narrative writing.

Khmer: Research Paper

In Khmer literacy class, we’re doing a project called research paper, but we only do research on the definition of a word phrase from several sources such as Cambridge dictionary, Oxford dictionary, Samdech Porthinhean Chuon Nath’s Khmer Dictionary and more. The reason we’re doing this is because it is a good experience for us when we’re gonna be a college students.


AP Statistics

This year in math, I am taking a math course called AP statistic for the essential math. AP statistic is college level of math which really a very great challenge for me. Sometimes it is very difficult to comprehend some of the context because it requires some of writing not just answer math problem. Another exciting and also very challenge is to learn how use a TI 83 calculator. This calculator is very amazing because it is very unique compare to the calculator that I have seen because I can graph a scatter plot, histogram and more . To be a great student in AP statistics class require you to study from multiple of sources such as Khan Academy, Ck 12, Textbook, Testbook and more. AP statistic is a very advanced math so it requires a lot of effort and comprehension to some of the reading.


Here are some of the questions in AP Statistics: