Khmer Sight Foundation


On the 18th November, 2017, I and the other nine students were participated with Khmer Sight Foundation and went to Kampong Speu trying to find the people who have problem with their eyes. Many villagers were waiting to check with the doctors. Before the doctor arrive, I was prepared the benches for the elderly to sit and wait for the doctors to come and checked their eyes. During the waiting, I got to spend time with the villagers talking. After that I helped to register the villagers name in order for them to checked I learned how to test people’s eyes. Liger also helped to bring the patiences to the hospital in Phnom Penh. One old lady was 78 years old living in a poor condition was having a very bad eyes’ problem, but excitingly, the surgery was success making her eyes better. I also learned some basic medical information from the doctor which bring me to another new level of understanding. To volunteer for KSF, I feel very happy to be a part of this change because living with eyes problem, is one of the worst thing in the world.


Change Cambodia

In this year, 2016-2017, I participated in five different exploration classes, but I feel like I made changes on three of my exploration classes which are Iron Deficiency, Geology and Climate Change. I noticed many problems in Cambodia, and as a result, I did make impact in three exploration courses, which I still feel great about what I’ve done to develop my country.


One of the main problems that my classmates and I found is iron deficiency in Cambodians. This is a condition, where there is lack of iron in the human body. This condition leads people to have another infirmity called anemia, which especially happen to women and children. We caught this opportunity and started doing plenty of research on iron deficiency through anemia and then we worked with a company called Lucky Iron Fish where they manufacture the iron fish to add to food, water, rice so that when people consume their food, there would be iron that has been released from the iron fish. During this exploration classes, I got an opportunity to go to Siem Reap with my other classmates. It was a very good time to be in one of the greatest tourist sites, I noticed in the rural area, that local Cambodians, looked pretty weak, pale, which indicates that they aren’t healthy. My team and I gave a speech to four groups of people at three different locations. Basically, I shared a basic information about anemia and my friends also shared a different type of information about how to address this infirmity by promoting them to use the Lucky Iron Fish. Lucky Iron Fish has donated us around 500 of their iron fish, and we had donated about 400 fish to the villagers so that they could use it and making themselves become a lot more healthy. Generally, from our presentation and the show, I feel like people really learned about this topic and know what they can do to prevent themselves. Based on what I’ve done in this exploration, I feel like I made an impact to my country and as the result, people knew what to do to prevent themselves from iron deficiency anemia.


Recently, there are oodles of news about climate change which is a conundrum that continue to occur for the whole world. World become warmer, some strange phenomenon happen that makes the whole wide world become very bad. This gave me an opportunity to learn in an exploration class call Climate Change. I knew that after this  There are three different we participated in the competition called Polar Bear International, so we were trying to find the solution to reduce the carbon emission. We set an experiment to see how many food that Liger have wasted during the school day, and we observed that there were plenty of food wasted for three weeks. We collected the data and started making a fun video about food waste message to educate people not to waste their food because if they waste their food, they will increase the carbon emission into the atmosphere which isn’t a good thing for the environment. After people have watched our video, it seem that there weren’t that many food wasted like before, which I really feel excited for what I’ve done. Moreover, I didn’t just educate the people in the school about food waste, but I also told people in my community about food waste and they really do not wasted many of their food. Also the video that my team and I have produced, have been in the competition and published onto Youtube, which I hope it would teach people not to throw their food away. Came out to an end, I feel like this was a significant impact to the whole world because this is the problem that need to start the action right now if we all don’t want it to get worst.


Another impact from this year is to be involved in an exploration called geology in Cambodia. First of all, if you would ask the Cambodian people what is geology, they would know nothing about it because it isn’t a subject that you most likely see in Cambodia and even myself, I also have no idea what this subject is. The first day I started in this class was pretty boring because I feel very confuse, but furthermore I started to be interested with this subject and understood more about it. We went on three different trips to study different types of rocks in Cambodia and how it form. After that we started to post the information on Facebook on what we have learned, because we realize that a lot of people in Cambodia are using Facebook, which is the reason why Facebook was our priority. Many people have read the information from what we posted, which I feel like I made a little change in the country by introducing this new subject that people have had no idea about to them. I think this would be a helpful thing because geology would be a part of the essential subjects in Cambodia. From what I’ve done in this exploration, I didn’t just learn about this subject, but I also made a very effective change to Cambodia, especially to the high school students who would faced geology in some part of the school’s curriculum subject.

In conclusion, according to what I have done this years, I have made three effective impacts to my country which were promoting people to use Lucky Iron Fish so they could become healthier, helping people to diminish their food waste and introduced people to learn more about geology. Even though the impacts aren’t very much, and there still problems in this beautiful country, I encourage everyone to start taking action and work on their own way and while I work on my own way so everyone could bring peace and a good progression to our​ pathetic country. Throughout what I’ve done this year, I feel very excited about it because I think that I am of the agency of Cambodia.

Changing Cambodia

Before I came to Liger I saw a lot of problems and I always hope that I can solve it in one day. There many problems in Cambodia and my eyes couldn’t see all that situation. When I came to Liger I’m so excited because it is the best place for me. Liger give a good education.

Last year I could help to change small things in Cambodia.



After I came to Liger I still see the problems like rubbish, cutting down trees, poverty, no clean water for people to use, corruption (bribery), electricity, pollution, students go internet place to play games instead of school. All of these problems are making Cambodia to become one of the poorest and most corruption. Cambodia can become of the worst countries in the world if there are the problems like that happen. I’m not really happy because if Cambodia still all of those problems, there will be no chance to become better.


Everyday I always try to find out the solutions. My solution for the people to manage their waste is I want people to just throw the rubbish anywhere they want, they should have their own basket to put their waste and they should divide the basket. Also if the waste that we can recycle it to something that is helpful, we save the planet, too. The solution for cutting down the trees is the government should make a better law and treat the people to respect the law and don’t do anything that against the law. Cambodia need the people to respect their own position. Cambodia is the developing country and Cambodia also have a lot poor people who can’t afford to buy the food for their family and themselves. I think government should make more sub sector in the secondary because the people are really need the work to feed their family. There are a lot of pollutions in Cambodia such as air pollution, water pollution and other pollution that effect to the environment. I think the government make the law to protect the environment and then make the law to be tight until people respect it. Most the kids, teenage in Cambodia are needing education for the future, but most of them are not going to school, they only went to an internet place to play games, Facebook and other bad things. It’s really bad for the ages like that to go to the internet place instead of going to school. I think the parents should put the rules for them to respect. The parents are not helping them and that’s why they become like that. Sometimes they go out of the house and use the illegal drugs. If the parents can put a better hard rules, it will be great because the children can respect it and follow it.



From the past until now I made a lot of change in Liger, but this year I also a small change problems for Cambodia. One exploration from this year that I did a promotion is Recycle Community. My group include I did the presentation about waste, like type of plastics and also  one of my group member had made a game on a computer for the community to answer the questions. Also my group had showed the products that they made from the waste that people don’t need. It’s look really beautiful and it shows the benefit of waste.

The next exploration that I did a promotion was poverty in Cambodia. I went to Kampong Chhnang to present community people about first aid with Srey Pich. It was my best time because I’m like a professional doctor that gave the great presentation. The special thing is I could use the spray for help the people who have the problem with sprained and my partner Srey Pich. After I presented there were another group that present about that presented about another first aid. After lunch, we had some game with some of the children. I played football with them and some of my group played a balloon game.


Baby steps

The baby steps that I made change in this year for Recycle Community are learn about types of plastics and the benefit of waste. It’s a main thing that we must to follow because it leads me to the way that I need to change. It help me by studying about it and present to the people.


What I change this year?

What I change this year is in Recycle Community exploration. My group and I taught community people by giving the promotion of waste, plastic and playing game. By that I promotion, there were many things for people to learn. I know that my group did not accomplish all the mission, but we could make a small change to help them, too.

Change Cambodia

In the world, there isn’t anything 100% perfect. So that’s mean that there are always things that need to change. For this year, as I observe one main problem is environmental problem that come from the action of people, such as pollution, trash problems and etc. Also there are more problems such as violence in the family, a lot of smoking and etc.


This year I have some conversations with some people such as my family, my friends and some other adults about the problems above. I did not just tell them the problems, but I talk deeply about the problems that will be not good for the society. In that talking I shared about my solution to each of the problem and also the people that I’ve talked to have share their solution.


This year I joined a robotics class and beside learning how to build and program the robot because the competition divided into two section, one is robot game and another one is project.

And the project for this year is called trash trek which is one of an environmental problems. My team chose one type of waste which is plastic to be the main topic to present to the judge. In the class I did a lot of research about plastic problem. On the sharation day I and my other teammates present to the people both about the robot and the project which is about waste problem, including the solution. I do not share what I’ve learned in the school, but I also talk to other people in my community like my friends and old people that I did know. The discussing went very well because everyone started sharing their idea and raise more problems to solve.


So, we need small steps to achieve the goal. My goal is for people to use more cloth bags and reduce as much plastic bags as we can. I did not do a lot of things or a lot of small steps, I just prepare a google presentation to people and present to them and if they have any questions, they can ask or some other hard questions that is very difficult for me to understand, we discuss together to find the answer. Also another small step is to understand about the plastic and know what to talk so when we talk to people it isn’t like interviewing them, it is like a discussion.


At last I did create some changes, but it isn’t 100% perfect that people do not use plastic bags but they reduce their amount of plastic bags as they use normal. A lot of kids change their behavior of using plastic bag to just not use it if they don’t need to. At last I’m really happy to see people change their behavior, but at the future I want more people to change more to make our world safety.