Independent Discovery

At Liger Learning Center the curriculum is different from the other schools. There is one class call Expertise and there is one subject called Independent Discovery Project. Independent Discovery Project is a type of learning which students choose their own project and learn by themselves. For my first Independent Discovery Project, my topic is about recycle material. I did research to the waste to see how bad they are so I can educate people. I started to make the lesson plan and think about the goal. But the time ran out so I can’t finish my first Independent discovery project.

My second Independent discovery project is about Sport. I did research and write the definition about sport. At first I put all the information that I have found in Google Document. After that I started to make a Google Presentation to put the information that I have found. Google Presentation may look nicer than Google Document to put the information. In Google Presentation I only choose ten sports which are famous in the world. I add photos about the best player and the founder of the sport on each sport and put the information about history.